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The WoodSafe hazardous waste containers reduce CO2 emissions by 66% compared to today's fossil-based plastic containers.

APL chooses WoodSafe® hazardous waste bins as part of its environmental and climate work.

Pharmacy Production & Laboratories (APL) is one of Europe's leading companies

within development, analysis and manufacture of extempore and stock preparations, as well as an established contract manufacturer in the Life Science industry. APL has now decided to start a collaboration with FrostPharma, which provides WoodSafe® hazardous waste container, to reduce its climate impact and contribute to a more sustainable society.

- For APL, it is an important step in our endeavor to reduce our climate impact and ta our responsibility for the environment. WoodSafe® hazardous waste containers are not only good for the climate, but also for our business where we must have secure supply chains. That which is particularly important to us is that the life cycle analysis carried out for WoodSafe® is according to ISO 14040 and 14044 and according to IPCC guidelines. This produces a heap credibility and transparency in our climate impact calculations. We look forward to

to start implementing WoodSafe® in our production and laboratories, says Erik

Haeffler, CEO of APL.

The healthcare sector with its suppliers accounts for over 4% of

the world's CO2 emissions. One of the reasons is that the sector generates large amounts hazardous waste. The hazardous waste is collected in fossil vessels which are incinerated, causing significant CO2 emissions. WoodSafe® is a hazardous waste bin that reduces CO2- emissions by 66% compared to today's fossil alternatives.

WoodSafe® is manufactured in Sweden from biocomposite, mainly from

residual products from the saw industry. This provides a safe supply of goods with short transport routes. An independently validated life cycle analysis verifies 66% CO2 reduction in accordance with the reporting requirements that follow the CSRD.

- We are very proud that a leading company like APL is switching to WoodSafe®

risk waste containers as part of its climate and sustainability work. It is also

very positive for everyone that a major state-owned company is stepping in to

reduce the use of fossil products in favor of renewables where possible.

From the day APL starts implementing WoodSafe®, they get an immediate

measurable reduction of CO2 emissions, which we look forward to reporting to

them continuously in ESRS format, says Fredrik Andersch, CEO at FrostPharma.

As a first immediate step, the smaller vessels are implemented in

the operations around the country. Then comes the routines regarding larger

containers also to be evaluated and the goal is to phase out all fossil-based ones

hazardous waste containers, explains Erik Haeffler, CEO of APL.

About the WoodSafe® needle container

WoodSafe® are innovative hazardous waste bins based on 80% renewable material from the forest. The material is designed to be able to replace several other materials because it is durable, malleable and flexible. By replacing today's

hazardous waste bins with biocomposite material can reduce the climate footprint 66%. WoodSafe® is a Swedish-made hazardous waste container designed for living up to today's sustainability thinking and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and climate-smarter future. The production takes place in close cooperation with Sweden Timber AB and Mälarplast AB.

For further information:

For more information and questions contact:

Magnus Nilsson Vall

Sustainable Solutions

Phone +46 735 18 60 67

FrostPharma AB, based in Danderyd, Sweden, a Swedish fast-growing

pharmaceutical company with a focus on commercialization and making it available of value-creating specialist and hospital medicine.

FrostPharma has also developed a separate business area that offers

healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical industry climate-smart

sustainable products as an alternative to the petroleum-based plastic products

health care uses today. These products are manufactured in Sweden from biocomposite and bioplastics and offers healthcare a significant reduction of

climate-affecting emissions.


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