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What we do

FrostPharma AB

FrostPharma AB was founded in December 2016 by Clas Lindbergson, Göran Heinz and Adxto AB. The main owner of Adxto AB is FrostPharma's Chairman of the Board, Tomas Guinchard. 

FrostPharma is an entrepreneurial pharmaceutical company that specializes in commercializing pharmaceuticals and consumables for healthcare, for which there is a specific and well-defined need. Since the start in 2017, we have successfully commercialized a large number of products that span most treatment areas throughout the Nordic region and also the Baltics. The key to this success is our ability to match specific needs of patients and healthcare with relevant products and use our expertise in sales and marketing to quickly generate sales.

Our product portfolio
Since the first product was launched on the Swedish market in 2017, we have rapidly expanded both in terms of product portfolio and geographical area. We have a portfolio in narrow and well-defined diagnostic areas in outpatient care and the hospital market. The product portfolio consists of both new, innovative formulations of established drug substances and generic drugs for use in hospitals. We also develop new consumables for healthcare with a focus on climate and the environment.
  Today, we supply / sell a total of 30 different products throughout the Nordic region and parts of the Baltics.

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