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Environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability
For us, it is important to be a responsible employer and actor in society. Therefore, we focus on the environment in many different aspects of the business. We are proud that today we are developing a future range of environmentally friendly consumables for use in healthcare, which will help reduce the climate impact that consumables have today. Already today, we also offer a range of consumables produced in bioplastics.

Below are some of the things we do to be involved and influence and which means that the environmental aspect is closely linked to the business. 


  • ... provide consumables in bioplastics for the Swedish healthcare

  • … develop consumables for healthcare in biocomposite materials

  • ... we sort all our waste at the office

  • … ensure the possibility of different means of transport to and from the office, incl. exchange possibilities

  • … are very restrictive regarding business travels with airplanes

  • … co-packs as far as possible, transports of our goods to warehouse and out to customer

  • … offers a healthy workplace where health-promoting activities are both encouraged and subsidized



Here you can read our entire sustainability policy.

Our dosing aids in bioplastic
Since 2020, we have been producing dosing aids in 100% recyclable bioplastic. We have chosen to produce the products in Eskilstuna in order to both ensure content and contribute to a lower CO2 footprint regarding production and transport. All our dosing aids are delivered in environmentally friendly cardboard without unnecessary plastic bags and packaging.
 Our dosing aids are currently available at all pharmacies in Sweden.

1. Urine cup Bioplastic with lid, 25 ml (100 pcs)
2. Bioplastic can cup, 5–30 ml (250 pcs)
3. Doskil Bioplast, 2–10 ml (250pcs)
4. Dosage syringe Bioplastic, 1-5 ml with universal bottle adapter (100pcs)
5. Dosage syringe Bioplastic, 1-5 ml with adapted bottle adapter (100 pcs)
6. Dosage syringe Bioplastic, 1 ml (100pcs)



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