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Sodium chloride

Injectionfluid, solution. Solution for parenteral use. Clear colorless liquid.



Sodium chloride Noridem 9 mg / ml is used as a drug and diluent for compatible infusion additives, as well as dilution and solution of drugs for parenteral administration.

Additional uses for sodium chloride Noridem 9 mg / ml are flushing of intravenous catheters, as a priming solution for hemodialysis and for initiating and terminating blood transfusions without hemolysis of red blood cells. Sodium chloride Noridem 9 mg / ml can be added to compatible carbohydrate solutions, e.g. dextrose in water to produce electrolytes.


Product information

Sodium chloride is the most important salt for maintaining the tonicity of plasma and other tissues. Sodium chloride solutions are very close to the body's composition of extracellular fluid; more than 90% of the cation of the extracellular fluid is sodium and more than 60% of the anion is chloride. A 0.98% solution of sodium chloride is basically isotonic with body fluids. Therefore, 0.9% sodium chloride injection does not significantly affect the body's osmotic pressure or extracellular fluid or chemical composition.

Sodium chloride 0.9% is therefore used as a solvent for many drugs with parenteral administration, with the advantage that it is not tissue irritating.


Item number:
028439 20 x 20 ml has a Luer Slip ampoule holder, prescription within the benefit.


Item number:
028417, 50 x 10 ml has a Luer Lok ampoule holder, prescription within the benefit.


Article number

50 x 10ml: 028417

20 x 20ml: 028439


ATC code



For more information:

To separate the ampoules, bend the ampoules upwards (see illustration on the box).

When using a Luer Lok syringe, keep in mind that before attaching the syringe to the ampoule, withdraw the plunger with the amount of medication - / - liquid that corresponds to what is needed. When the syringe is connected to the ampoule, push the plunger down. A rebound / automatic refill effect means that the syringe is then filled with liquid. This is a standard procedure for Luer Lok syringes.


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