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Hydrogen peroxide 3%

Pharmaceutical Form
Colorless, clear solution, hydrogen peroxide 3%.

Surface disinfection.

Product Information

Virusafe® has been proven effective against both viruses with envelopes and without envelopes according to EN 14476, and effective against bacteria. Virusafe® is active up to 24 hours after application to surfaces. The risk of recontamination of viruses and bacteria is thus reduced.

Can be used on most surfaces that can withstand water and acid. Do not use on water and oxidation sensitive surfaces such as marble, zinc, copper and brass. Always test Virusafe on a small surface to ensure that the surface does not react negatively. May have bleaching effect on some materials. Harmless to skin.

Virusafe® contains uniquely stabilized 3% hydrogen peroxide, which gives it its unique properties.

Article Number



Virusafe 1L released 201027 - PNG.png

The page was last updated on 21/09/2020

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