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Capsule, hard.

Brown, opaque, hard gelatin capsule (size 1) with "HP551" printed in black ink on the capsule body and lid, filled with a white to pale yellow powder. The length of the capsule is between 18.9 mm and 19.7 mm.


For the treatment of Wilson's disease in adults, adolescents and children 5 years of age or older who are intolerant to D-penicillamine therapy.

Product information

Trientin is a copper chelating agent that promotes the body's elimination of copper by forming a stable complex that is easily excreted via the kidneys. Trientine can also chelate copper in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby inhibiting the absorption of copper.


No special temperature instructions. Close the jar tightly, moisture sensitive.


White, opaque HDPE jar with child-resistant polypropylene closure (PP)

Pack size: 100 capsules.
Note that the appearance of the packaging may differ depending on the country.

Article number

113661, can


ATC code


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