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FrostPharma was restarted under new management, and under the name Anthrop Pharmacuticals AB, by Adxto, Clas Lindbergson and Göran Heintz in December 2016. The first product was launched in 2017.

During the company's first year of existence, most of the products are launched on the Nordic market. A shortage of effective alternatives that benefit patients and healthcare is identified. The first product to be launched is Purified Water and Adrenaline.

The company also grows in terms of the number of employees, and commences distribution in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.


During the second year, the product portfolio grows further. Anthrop Pharmaceuticals enters into new agreements to provide access to new, innovative and specific products for children where there are no other effective treatment options, for example for children with drooling problems with underlying neurological diseases. The company's revenues increase by 400% and it is named Sweden's fastest growing pharmaceutical company. Recruitment of staff in the Nordic countries begins.



An eventful year. The company’s name is changed and it is now called FrostPharma AB. The name change is made to clarify the company's Nordic presence and expertise and the new symbol illustrates this - a snowflake that symbolises the Nordic region and at the same time shows how the company provides access to all five Nordic countries as a partner.

More and more products are added to the Nordic market, especially products with a focus on niche patient groups. These include children with, for example, Addison's disease who cannot take tablets, and patients with extremely high cholesterol levels where no effective treatment methods currently work.
The portfolio also grows to include more and more procurement products for hospitals, and FrostPharma has triple-digit growth by the end of the year.


Just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, OxiskinPlus, a long-acting virus-killing hand disinfectant, is launched. With the flexible organisation that now exists in the company, production is scaled up tenfold within a few weeks, to meet the needs and demands in a world market in a state of hysteria.


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