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FrostPharma AB and Farco-Pharma

Uppdaterat: 8 apr. 2021

FrostPharma AB (FrostPharma) has entered agreement with Farco-Pharma to be exclusive distributor of innovative Farco-products in the Nordic countries.

FrostPharma will employ its extensive commercial expertise to distribute Instillagel®. Instillagel® is a lubricant with local anaesthetic and disinfecting properties.

The agreement includes additional product that will be brought to market in the near-term future.

“This agreement is a valuable strategic fit to our current portfolio”, says Clas Lindbergson, Head of Business Development at FrostPharma. Cecilia Bröms-Thell, CEO, adds: “We are excited about the collaboration with Farco, market leader for medical lubrication in Germany. This means we will bring valuable products to the Nordic market.”

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