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Sustainability policy

In an ever-changing world it is important that we at FrostPharma play our part in making it as satisfactory as possible. We have an active and long-term policy at the company for reducing our climate footprint and increase sustainability, both as regards the environment and the work climate.

This policy is intended for the company’s employees and its purpose is to outline the company’s environment work according to which areas of work are important, what our goals are and how we will achieve them.

Long-term goals

  • We shall strive to make our transportation as climate-efficient as possible across the whole transportation chain.

  • We choose to work suppliers who have clearly defined sustainability targets that we support.

  • We shall play an active role in influencing packaging developments, as far as possible, in order to reduce the transportation of unnecessary materials.

  • We shall help facilitate the recycling of packaging as well as pharmaceuticals from health care units and users.

  • We shall always work to replace products or technologies with other equally or more efficient ones if we can find products or technologies that are climate-smarter.

Day-to-day environment work

  • We separate waste at the office.

  • We avoid non-recyclable items in plastic.

  • We prioritise digital meetings over meetings that require physical trips.

  • When we travel we choose the most climate-smart alternatives.

Working environment

  • We strive for a workplace community where everyone has a say, are heard and respected.

  • We encourage wellness care, both individual and in group activities.


  • Laws, regulations and other requirements that are applicable to the company shall be followed.

  • Our goals shall be set and reviewed every year. Surveys and reporting are performed regularly and form the basis of the improvement work.

  • The environment work shall be incorporated into the day-to-day work and the environment shall be taken into account in each decision so that we promote a sustainable development in society.

  • The staff shall be environmentally knowledgeable and receive continuous skills development which is geared to the way in which the company’s operations affect the environment. The company shall have a training programme for maintaining and developing expertise in the environmental area.

The managers shall ensure that all employees are informed about what the policy entails and have the possibility to comply with it. They should also endeavour to make the employees feel a sense of responsibility and promote preventative maintenance work. The employees shall be encouraged to contribute creative solutions in the area of environment and sustainability. Overall responsibility rests with board of directors/management.

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