Pharmaceutical Form
1 gram of cream contains 40 mg of lidocaine.

Local anesthetic for topical use to produce surface anesthesia of the skin prior to:


  • Venous cannulation or venipuncture in adults and in the pediatric population ≥ one month.

  • Administration of painful topical treatments on larger surface areas of intact skin where use of a topical anesthetic is appropriate in adults only.

Product Information
Maxilene cream (lidocaine 4%) is a topical anesthetic for topical use in superficial surgical procedures and needle sticks.

Maxilene has the same indication and patient group as Emla with advantageous product properties that are distinguished by:

  • Quick pain relief that after 30 minutes is equivalent to Emlas after 60 minutes. (1)

  • Maxilene is well tolerated where only 2.9% of patients experience skin irritation. (2)

Maxilene is the only product within its ATC code (D04AB01) with this indication and dosage form. FrostPharma has a positive attitude towards the regions that express a desire for additional procurement to the existing range of local anesthetics and thus provide a lower price, safe access and expand the hospital's range with an effective drug. We are happy to provide references from the Children & Youth Clinics in different regions.


1) LMX4 Product Monograph 2019. 2) Taddio et al, CMAJ 2005; 172 (13): 16919

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