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Lidocaine hydrochloride

Pharmaceutical Form

Contains 20.9 mg / ml lidocaine hydrochloride gel in a pre-filled disposable syringe.

One syringe containing 11 ml of gel contains: lidocaine hydrochloride 230 mg



When inserting catheters and probing as well as other endouretral procedures on men and certain types of cystoscopy. All urethral procedures and manipulations on women as well as local treatment of painful cystitis.

Product Information
Instillagel® is a local anesthetic and is intended for use in the urethra. The gel consists of a viscous, clear solution of lidocaine chloride with the addition of chlorhexidine


Instillage®l provides good lubrication of catheters and instruments and does not obstruct vision during cystoscopy (considering the inside of the bladder).



No special storage instructions.



Disposable syringes (polypropylene): 10 x 11 ml


Article number

10 x 11 ml: 553958

ATC code



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