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Product Information 

WoodSafe® is a new series of innovative hazardous waste containers based on residual waste (sawdust) from Swedish forests and recycled plastic that halves CO2 emissions.

WoodSafe® is based on biocomposite from Stora Enso. The material is optimized to be able to replace a wide range of polymers and it can also achieve very high tensile strength. The advantages of the polymer are formability, durability as well as flexibility and design freedom. The advantages of wood fiber are its strength, natural appearance / feeling, that it is a renewable raw material and the low CO2 footprint. Stora Enso's biocomposite is uniquely developed to combine precisely these benefits.

WoodSafe® hazardous waste bins have optimized the mix of wood fiber and polymers with the goal of meeting the requirements of these bins according to UN tests, while minimizing climate impact. FrostPharma has patented (patent pending no. 2152368–4) these hazardous waste vessels as they have succeeded in finding a solution (process and design) for manufacturing the WoodSafe® product series.

  • 0.5 liters, 2 liters, 3 liters

  • Halving C02 emissions

  • Manufacture in Sweden with only Swedish raw materials

  • Based on biocomposite from Stora Enso

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The page was last updated on 21/09/2020

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